4 Steps To take if you’re injured on a Boat in Miami

Miami has thousands of recreational and transportation boats due to its accessibility to the vast navigable waters of Florida. Some of these vessels have been registered while others have not, and therefore chances of accidents in the region are pretty high.

Unlike other accidents, boating accidents are governed by maritime law. Thus if you are involved in a boating accident out of negligence, Miami lawyers can help you to receive compensation for the loss or injuries.

Below are steps to undertake when Injured on a boat in Miami.

1.  Call Cops Emergency Helpline

Reporting is the initial step to undertake whenever you face an emergency. The police in the concerned departments are solely responsible for ensuring safety in all public waterways. And usually arrives at the scene of the accident in a short time. They carry out an investigation and file the record.

You are required to stay until the assessment is complete. Give out all the relevant and honest information about the circumstances under which the accident occurred. Upon completion, you are supposed to remain with the copy of the report to carry on in the next step. If the assessment is incomplete for some reason, you are supposed to record everything that can serve as evidence. Your lawyer can also help you to compile information.

2.  If You Are Severely Injured On a Boat in Miami, Call an Ambulance

Immediately seek medical assistance to prevent your condition from worsening. An ambulance is necessary to quickly transport you to a treatment center in the shortest time possible.  Depending on the circumstance, the insurance can pay for the medical expenses. Your lawyer can also help you seek assistance on medical bills from the boat insurer.

3.  Contact a Lawyer for Assistance

By clearly describing the occurrence of the accident, the lawyer can determine who is liable. Some incidents are complicated to determine who is responsible for the loss. You may think the boat operator caused the accident, but it is the manufacturer who didn’t follow the appropriate manufacturing standards. Always contact a lawyer when injured on a boat in Miami so that you can clarify the cause and determine which party is accountable.

4.  Start Gathering Paperwork

Documentation is very crucial when presenting your case to the court. It serves as an aid to the memory and outlines the events that occurred sequentially. Do not leave any details about the accident; attach anything that proves that the accident arose from negligence. Your lawyer will also have an easier time referring to the events that led to the accident.


Like any other accident, a boat accident can be compensated if you follow the appropriate steps. If you are Injured on a boat in Miami, you must notify the police about the incident. Ensure that the report on the investigation is compiled and get a copy of the same. Call an ambulance for immediate treatment. Later on, contact your lawyer to document everything that occurred.

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