4 Ways to Use Custom-Printed Window Decals to Promote Your Brand in 2022

Vinyl decals are highly durable. They’re transferrable from one surface to another and reusable. These qualities make vinyl decals highly useful marketing tools in a variety of settings. They can give your business amazing exposure if you install them in highly visible regions of your store.

Windows, doors, or even your company vehicles are great places for installing custom-printed vinyl graphics. These decals are fully customizable. Find a seller who offers flexible decal design and customization options. Then, you can update your decals every season or every few months.

Vinyl decals are completely waterproof. If your sellers use UV-cured ink to create them, they’ll also be UV-resistant. The ink on your vinyl decals won’t fade even if they’re kept under direct sunlight for long periods. The most effective way of using vinyl decals is by installing them on large store windows.

Small business owners need to add a local touch to their marketing materials. They can easily custom-create amazing window decals and install them on their store’s windows. Custom window decals are amazing branding tools. They can also be used in the four following ways –

1. Promote Sales and Discounts

Use your store’s windows and doors to present information about sales or events to local audiences. Install custom-printed window vinyl graphics on their surfaces. These decals are very easy to remove/replace.

You can easily uninstall them once the sales period is over. Plus, they’re cheap, so it doesn’t cost much to custom create one set of decals for a limited period campaign. Keep updating your vinyl window graphics and decals throughout the year.

Keep hosting sales and promotions to keep your brand name popular in the local community.

2. Boost Employee Safety

Buyers receive total customization control when they buy custom vinyl graphic decals or stickers. They can get decals of different sizes, shapes, and designs to suit their store’s windows or doors.

They also get to print whatever message they want on their decals. These messages can be crafted to boost on-site employee safety. For instance, if there’s repair work going on inside the store, you can use custom-printed decals to alert your employees.

During the COVID19 pandemic, several store owners used custom-printed window decals to share safety-related information with their employees. These decals won’t just help protect your staff, but they’ll also protect your customers or visitors.

Plus, when customers see safety graphics installed inside your store, they will feel better about shopping from you.

3. Wayfinding orDirectional Signs

Vinyl decals can also be used to improve the flow of foot traffic inside/outside your store. Several event organizers use these decals to give directions to their attendees at crowded get-togethers, tradeshows, etc.

4. 24×7 Mobile Advertisement

You can also attach custom-printed vinyl decals to your company vehicles’ glass windows. The decals won’t cause any damage to your vehicle’s windows. They’ll transform your company vehicle into a 24×7 advertising board.

Wherever your decal-covered vehicles go, people will see your brand’s name/logo custom-printed on the decals! Use this guide to optimize your custom-printed vinyl decals.

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