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5 Factors to consider before choosing the proper kitchen handles

It is good to take extra care when selecting the kitchen handles because they must fulfil the qualities of being functional and appealing. It should give a radiant look to the kitchen and also be strong and qualitative. Broadly, there are different kinds of kitchen handles like traditional, contemporary, and minimalist.

However, today, colours are trending to match a particular theme, match with the paint of the walls, or compare the cutlery. Different shades like black kitchen handles and knobs, silver kitchen handles and knobs, and copper kitchen handles and knobs are trending. Choosing the best kitchen handles can last a lifetime and save a lot of money.

Here are the factors to consider before choosing the proper kitchen handle.

Select the handle type

Currently, kitchen handles come with different design options. And there is no fixed rule for choosing one. There are round and spindle handles, wood handles, rustic decors, steel handles, and much more. Explore entirely and see what goes best with your kitchen, and then select.

Quality and function

You can ignore the handle type but not the quality and function. If your chosen design of handles, does not match the quality standards, please do not buy it. Handles and knobs are vulnerable to a harsh pull sometimes. It has to withstand those unintentional actions. A quality handle will be able to do that. Before you purchase the handles, test them. Check for the grip, check how much space is there for a good hold, and its strength.


After deciding the type and function now comes the material. It is equally important as the previous two factors. Handles and knobs are made of many materials like steel, plastic, brass, wood, etc. To choose it effectively, first decide what kind of look you want.

If you want a modern and stylish look go for steel and chrome handles. If you want a traditional look, you can choose brass and bronze. Black kitchen handles come with a unique matte finish or glossy finish. These both promise a very elite look.


Handles come in different sizes and lengths. See what you are comfortable with. Some may wish for different sizes and measurements for different cabinets, while others need uniformity. Some require small handles just for the sake, but others need a big grip and a prominent hold. There are medium-sized handles that can suit any cabinet. There are many choices – decide on the size you want and then purchase.


In the last step, you have to decide where to fix the handle. You should know whether the middle position, lower end, or upper end will suit you better. Do not forget whether you are selecting handles for vertical cabinets or horizontal cabinets. Also, check the space between cabinets to ensure that handles do not clash with each other.

They are handles in contemporary kitchens, and their design resembles a recessed lip. It is for those who do not want any typical handle. However, it is not very comfortable f0r everyone to handle.

To sum up, you must know your preferences and kitchen needs clearly; you must take time and determine which size, colour, design and grip will better suit your kitchen. You should also know which handle can help you by providing the optimal function.

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