5 Important Things you Must Consider Before Buying Contact Lenses

Contact lenses have become popular for those who don’t want to wear spectacles. They provide several advantages over glasses, such as a wider view and clear vision. Contact lenses come in a variety of colours and usage types. They don’t have a correct vision but also improve the wearer’s overall appearance and confidence.

However, there are several things you must be aware of before purchasing lenses from brands like Clariti to guarantee you get the most out of your investment.

1. Consult with your eye doctor

It’s best to get your eyes tested first if it’s been over a year since your last checkup. You should check your eyes at least once a year since your eye grade may have changed and you are unaware of it, or you may have undiagnosed eye problems. By doing so, you may be sure that your eye grade prescription is up to current. You can get contact lenses that meet your eye grade requirements and are made of a safe substance for your eyes.

2. Keep Your Eye-Prescription Ready

Your contact lens prescription must include your eye grade, contact lens diameter, base curve, brand or kind of contact lenses appropriate for your eye condition, and even directions on how often you should replace them. When ordering online, having your prescription ready is a breeze! Before completing your order, the optometrist will check it to ensure you have the best eyesight possible.

Wearing the precise brand recommended by your doctor will help you avoid medical issues and allergic responses to the various materials utilised. Using the same brand also ensures that you always know which contact lenses you require in the event of an emergency replacement.

3. Ask for a copy of your prescription.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission compels all ophthalmologists and optometrists to supply patients with a copy of their contact lens prescription regardless of whether they ask for one. Your contact lens prescription, like any other pharmaceutical prescription, provides vital information that you should keep on hand at all times, including:

  • The type of contact lenses you’ve been prescribed.
  • The base curve/diameter for the lenses.
  • The right and left eye’s power/sphere.

This information is useful if you ever have a problem with your contact lenses or if they are misplaced or damaged and require replacement.

4. Purchase from a Reputed Store

Contact lenses are a type of medical equipment that aids in eyesight correction. If you’re a first-time contact lens wearer, it’s preferable to have them fitted by an eye doctor, and if you’re a frequent wearer, you’ll need a valid prescription. For example, if you wish to have Clariti contact lenses, buying them from a reputable online store will assure you that you are receiving genuine, FDA-approved lenses that are safe to use. When you know you’re buying contact lenses from a reputable source that gives you access to eye doctors, you can rest easy. Look for the FDA-approval notice when shopping for contact lenses.

5. Follow your wear schedule.

When your eye doctor prescribes you a new pair of contact lenses, they give you a wear schedule that tells you how long you should wear them each day.

Most wear schedules begin with limited hours for the first four to five days to allow your eyes to adjust to the contact lenses.

You should replace contact lenses according to your wear schedule and your doctor’s recommendations, and never, ever sleep with your contact lenses unless you’ve been prescribed an overnight lens. Even so, removing your lenses once a day is recommended to allow your eyes to breathe.

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