5 Practical Tips to Organize Black Friday Sales

Black Friday is a beneficial time for shopping for both eCommerce businesses and consumers. Not only do people get the chance to benefit from shopping during Black Friday, but also the companies sell more than during the regular period. For eCommerce businesses, it is essential to organize sales effectively. 

This article will provide five practical tips to organize Black Friday sales smoothly. 

Build email list

It is essential to prepare email lists in advance for digital businesses, e-stores, and online shops. With email lists, you get the chance to remind your customers about the maximum sale you offer on products and services and let them know the duration of the sales. 

As an eCommerce business, you should manage your subscriber lists and send to-the-point email newsletters to retain customers and drive more sales. However, suppose you value the importance of customer service and satisfaction. In that case, you will include an unsubscribe button on the emails, thus letting not interested customers avoid receiving updates from your business. 

Prepare a catchy subject line

Since you will send emails to your customers to provide information about the products and special offers, ensure your subject line presents the essence of the email well. You can include thankful Thursday images and quotes in your email template. But, let me remind you that the content in the email is as important as the subject line. 

Email receivers first see the subject line before their interest is triggered to open the email. Well-written email subject line will help you increase the open rates and will positively affect your statistics. 

Do A/B testing

Another thing to do before Black Friday starts is to do A/B testing. A/B testing refers to the testing of the email marketing campaign you design. Test two subject lines and email template options, and see which one is more selling and more prone to assist open rates. 

You can also test the offers. Check if people will be more interested if they see “up to 90% discount” or “buy three with the price of two” offers. 

Provide special deals

To continue the previous point, brainstorm and generate ideas for this year’s special deals on your eCommerce business. Discuss with several groups and teams through coworking space software and narrow down the options that will bring the most sales. 

You will be able to make more money and sell the goods stored in your warehouses. 

Advance website

Last but not least, to organize Black Friday sales effectively, ensure your website is ready to host and finalize deals. Advance your website by fixing bugs or errors during purchasing. 

Make sure the products are accurately listed and the functions are working correctly on the website. Ensure your customers have a seamless experience while shopping on your website. 


Organizing Black Friday sales is a responsible task. Your website should be absolutely ready for large sums of sales. You must also create an accurate email list to avoid using the unsubscribe function. Think of a brilliant subject line and do A/B testing to bring the best value to your customers. Provide interesting and beneficial special offers and enjoy the increase in your revenues. 

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