7 ways to take care of your face “sensitive skin”

How to take care of facial skin when facing sensitive skin problems to have clear skin without clogged acne.

“Sensitive skin” is a type of skin that is prone to irritation and sensitivity to external factors. that come into contact with the surface So often have many skin problems. Whether it’s sensitive skin, sensitive skin, red skin, irritation, dry skin, peeling, swelling, tightness, allergic rash, itching, inflammation easily.

Choose facelabs cleansing foam who have sensitive skin. to help protect your face 

Sensitive skin is caused by what?

Sensitive skin is skin that is easily irritated by external stimuli. Often have dry, flaky skin, redness and itching easily. The severity of allergy symptoms varies from person to person. For symptoms that are indicative of sensitive skin include:

  1. I tend to irritate my skin when trying new products. Most people with sensitive skin don’t change skin-related products very often. But if we try to use a new brand Then have skin irritation, rash or redness on the face. It is possible that we may have sensitive skin.
  2. If you just use your finger to gently press the skin, there will be redness on the skin. This indicates that there is a high tendency for us to have sensitive skin.
  3. There is often redness and irritation when the skin is exposed to sunlight for a long time. It’s another sign that we may have sensitive skin.
  4. There are many skin problems. Both acne clogged problems, acne scars, oily face, dull skin, dark spots, wrinkles, blemishes, freckles.
  5. Itchy feeling When using certain products that contain ingredients that are not suitable for people with sensitive skin, such as perfumes, colours, alcohol, parabens and preservatives. If people with sensitive skin use products that contain such substances. It will make you feel tight, burning, itching, should be rinsed immediately. Because that’s a warning sign that we may be allergic to that product.

Why does sensitive skin feel irritated?

Once we know the symptoms of sensitive skin. Let’s learn the causes and factors that provoke sensitive skin and irritation in order to find a proper way to take care of your facial skin.

internal factors

Our epidermis has a natural protective mechanism. including helping to retain moisture But if the enzyme activity is abnormal, the skin’s protective barrier will not be able to function fully. The skin is fragile, weak, loses water and moisture. and allow external factors to injure the skin

Age and genetics also play a role, for example, a child’s skin is more sensitive and sensitive to chemicals than an adult’s. while the skin is aging or aging skin The skin structure is weakened. It can cause sensitive skin and cause sensitive skin problems.

external factors

– Weather conditions, whether it’s hot, cold, hot showers or dry weather All of them can trigger dry or dehydrated skin, and the skin may crack, develop a rash, and worsen itching. And most importantly, it may cause sensitive skin.

– Taking certain medicines or treating certain types of diseases can affect sensitive skin, such as using radio waves. taking antibiotics It may make the skin sensitive. Because it destroys the important bacteria of the skin too much.

– Environment, pollution, various toxins and impurities in everyday life It can affect our delicate skin.

– Choosing inappropriate skin care products May contain ingredients that make the skin too tight. This is a risk of irritation and can escalate into a more severe allergic reaction.

– not enough rest tension and anxiety Makes the skin weaker as well.

How to take care of sensitive skin, can I nourish my face with serum or essence?

When you know the cause of sensitive or sensitive skin For internal factors, it may be something that we cannot control. However, we can avoid various external factors that cause sensitive skin and can change behaviors that may trigger allergic reactions as follows:

1. Keeping the surface of the skin clean at all times.

Whether it’s the cleanliness of the skin that needs to be wiped off makeup and residues thoroughly every day. Including the cleanliness of personal items such as pillowcases, bed sheets, towels or even mobile phones. Because these things have a chance to come in contact with our skin. If they get dirty, they can cause rashes or breakouts.

2. Wash your face with normal temperature water.

Do not use too hot water for washing your face. Because it will cause the balance of the skin to be washed out too much. And should not wash your face too often, just 2 times a day (morning-evening) is enough.

3. Avoid using strong handkerchiefs.

After washing your face, gently wipe and blot your face and do not pick, peel, squeeze, scratch, as this will stimulate your skin to irritate.

4. Selection of skin care products especially for sensitive skin.

People with sensitive skin should opt for face washes and skin care products. whether it is a serum or an essence That has been tested by dermatologists to be gentle on the skin. alcohol free fragrance free Free from colorants and fragrances Paraben free to reduce the risk of skin irritation

5. Protecting the skin from dryness.

It is recommended to choose an essence or a nourishing serum that replenishes and retains moisture in the skin. but still gentle with sensitive skin

  1. The importance of sunscreen for sensitive skin. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen every day because UV rays can stimulate the skin to become inflamed more easily. dull skin It is also one of the causes of pimples. So always wear sunscreen. We should choose a lightweight sunscreen that is suitable for sensitive skin as well.

7. Eating all 5 food groups

It is very important to eat a nutritious and nutritious diet. and supplemented with antioxidants and vitamin C Including should have enough rest Make your mind fresh and clear. no tension

Even sensitive skin problems There is no cure for it, but these facial care methods can help restore the weakened skin to gradually become stronger. It is important to choose gentle skin care products. suitable for sensitive skin It will make the care of this sensitive skin even better.

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