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9 Honey Oak Kitchen Design Ideas For those who adore Oak Kitchens

Honey oak wood has long been a popular choice for cabinets among homeowners. Honey oak wood is durable, timeless, and has a distinct look that exudes refinement and elegance.

They are most commonly employed in classic kitchen design settings and go well with simple yet opulent kitchen concepts.

Honey oak cabinets will complement a wide range of kitchen designs. They complement light or medium-toned floors, natural stone or butcher block counters, and matte black hardware. They will also look great with stainless steel appliances and trendy furnishings.

Continue reading as we examine different flooring alternatives for more suggestions on the finest kitchen ideas for your kitchen honey oak wood cabinets.

Modern Furniture Will Give Your Honey Oak Cabinets a Modernized Look

Looking to update your kitchen look with honey oak cabinets? Then look no further than using modern furniture to complement your honey oak cabinets. The presence of modern furniture will make your honey oak cabinets look modern as well.

Whether you are going for traditional, contemporary, or modern kitchen decor, furniture can help accentuate any look. Kitchen furniture like tables, chairs, or stools in rich brown or gray colors will go very well with honey oak cabinets and intensify the beauty of the cabinets. 

They will create a seamless design when paired with honey oak cabinets. Furniture in these natural colors paired with honey oak cabinets will offer endless design possibilities that will make your kitchen a constant source of attention.

Use oak flooring as well for harmony.

We’re sure combining oak flooring ideas with honey oak cabinets sounds unusual or ridiculous to you. You’ll be glad to hear that this combination will make your kitchen pop.

There are several oak flooring patterns, styles, and hues to pick from that will complement your honey oak cabinets perfectly. These woods may be stained or painted to any color you choose for a more distinctive and traditional look. White and red oak flooring will be a big hit.

These floors will not only add harmony to your kitchen, but they will also create a stunning color palette. White oak flooring will add an unrivaled and timeless touch.

The Right Kitchen Appliances Will Complement Honey Oak Cabinets

Have you ever noticed the difference kitchen appliances add to your cooling space? Although they are one of the busiest elements in the kitchen, they attract a lot of visual attention and complement other elements and accents in the kitchen.

Care should be taken when choosing appliances to match honey oak cabinets. This is because the wrong choice may give your cabinets an awkward look. The stainless steel or white appliances are the best pairs that will match very well with honey oak cabinets.

They will draw away too much attention from the traditional look of your honey oak cabinets and focus more attention on themselves. This will make the cabinets blend well with other elements and accents without looking out of place.

Choosing Good Light Fixtures Is An Awesome Idea

The use of good light fixtures intensifies the lighting of a room. Light fixtures are used especially in rooms with low natural light. They can also be used in rooms with bright natural light to intensify the brightness of the room.

Your choice of light fixtures and the amount of natural light your kitchen gets will help your honey oak cabinets stand out in a good way. Bold light fixtures like the oil-rubbed bronze light fixtures will go very well with these cabinets, giving them a bold and outstanding look.

These light fixtures will leave a bold statement and shine more light on your cabinets. They will give a simple yet neutral and fabulous reflection on your honey oak cabinets and your whole kitchen interior.

Light wall colors will bring in some fresh air.

Looking to update your honey oak cabinets and kitchen? Then you should know that one of the cheapest and simplest ways to accomplish this is to introduce a fresh paint color.

A fresh wall paint color with honey oak cabinets will completely transform the appearance , giving them a unique shine. Light wall colors are always preferable for matching honey oak cabinets. While white walls with wood cabinets are ideal, light gray, beige, tan, and cream will also work.

Here are some wall paint color ideas to go with your honey oak cabinets.

  • BM Manchester Tan
  • BM Chantilly Lace
  • BM Ivory White

Light Ceiling Colors Will Envelop The Entire Look

The choice of ceiling material and color is one of the essential decisions to make. Your choice of ceiling color material like the use of shiplap painted in light colors will match your honey oak cabinets well.

Light, clean, and simple is the best way to go for kitchen ceilings when pairing them with honey oak cabinets. White, beige, light gray, and cream ceilings will give a  peaceful and inviting look to the honey oak cabinets. These ceiling colors will surely go very well with your cabinets.

Here are some ceiling color suggestions for you to match your honey oak cabinets.

  • SW Divine White
  • SW Canvas Tan
  • BM Moonshine
  • SW Believable Buff
  • BM Elmira White
  • SW Oyster Bay
  • SW Kilim Beige
  • BM Balboa Mist
  • SW Rice Grain
  • BM Abalone

Glass Doors Can Be Installed on Upper Cabinets 

Is your kitchen looking choked up with honey oak cabinets? Then you can do something about it. Changing the look of your kitchen space will give your room more flavor and flair. 

There are a lot of changes that can be made to your kitchen and one of them is changing your upper cabinet doors.

Are you looking to modernize your kitchen full of honey oak cabinets? Then you should start by changing the door of your upper cabinets to glass to give your kitchen a fresh look. The glass will bring more natural light to your kitchen space, making your space brighter.

This will reduce the choked-up color of the honey oak cabinets and give the contents of your cabinets a good display.

Changing The Color Of Your Upper Cabinets

Sometimes, all your kitchen needs is a little change and pop in color. Introducing a new paint color to your kitchen can bring a whole new different look that you would love. Modernizing your honey oak cabinets requires creativity and adding the right blends of color. 

Instead of installing glass doors on your upper cabinets, you can repaint them to bring a flawless look. Repainting your upper cabinets in white paint colors while leaving the lower cabinets in the rich honey oak color will create a design goal. This will bring a new gorgeous look to your kitchen.

If you do not want the bright shade of stark white paint colors, you can go for cream or beige paint colors as well. These paint colors will bring a new, different but unique look to your cooking space.

Giving Your Kitchen Island A Complementary Paint Color

There are so many kitchen ideas available for pairing or modernizing your honey oak cabinets. One of them is giving your kitchen island a fresh coat of paint that will complement your honey oak cabinets.

Creating harmony should be your goal when modernizing your honey oak cabinets. For a harmonious look, you can change the color of your island to a soft but subtle point color. Colors like gray or white will be a good place to start. Grays like the Agreeable Gray should be your top choice.

Beige shades for islands will also work fine with honey oak cabinets. Here are some other island paint color suggestions to match your honey oak cabinets.

  • SW Kilim Beige
  • SW Rice Grain
  • BM White Dove
  • SW Homburg Gray

Last Thoughts

Changing the appearance of your honey oak kitchen cabinets may be an enjoyable process. There are several kitchen ideas that will enhance the appearance of your cabinets and kitchen in general.

Try these suggestions and prepare to have your heads blown.

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