A Helpful Guide To Finding The Best Senior Living Community For You

At Mansions Senior Living, they believe that your senior years should be nothing short of amazing! To make sure you get the senior living experience right for you, take some time to look over this list of the top qualities to look for in any senior living community and find one that checks all of these boxes.

Consider Staff

Staff is among the most important factors when choosing the best senior living community. All facilities are not equal, and it is always worth the time to take a tour and talk with residents, therapists, nurses, and other staff members to see how they interact with each other and you. Every day Mansion Senior Living talks with families who want their loved ones to be surrounded by people who treat them with dignity and respect.

The professionals at Mansions Senior Living set an unmatched standard of excellence among our peers because they understand the difficult journey many of our residents are on. They need understanding, caring attention that reflects confidence in your decision.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Finding the best senior living near me starts with finding one that matches your unique lifestyle. Since every senior’s needs are different, you need to consider what’s important to you: do you want an active life? Do you like animals? Do or don’t you want 24/7 care? Are faith-based communities appealing? You’ll want all of these elements and more when you’re looking at prospective homes

Consider Your Finances

The senior living community you choose must be financially compatible with your needs. Since money is often one of the most important concerns, Mansions Senior Living is a great option because they have an affordable rate and many other great amenities.

Mansions Senior Living has both independent and assisted living options and five-star dining and fitness centers. What makes Mansions so affordable? There are no hidden fees or closing costs, so you know exactly what you’re paying upfront before moving in.

Consider Size

Size is a major factor when looking for senior living communities because you want to make sure that the community is big enough to offer all the things you need. For example, do they have an adequate number of social programs? Is there an activities director on staff? What about transportation services like public bus routes or taxi cabs? What’s their policy on pets?

It’s also important to consider that smaller communities offer more one-on-one interaction with other residents. This can be advantageous if you seek help with personal care or navigating your independence. In addition, some people may be looking for what we call ‘homely’ attributes such as plants or pottery displayed around the lobby rather than high-end décor.

Consider Location

You should also consider the location of the facility. The location can make or break your life as you age. It is important to consider how accessible the facility will be to where you want to live, visit and see relatives or friends, such as local churches and social clubs. One thing that can make it difficult is if the community is located too far from those places that are important to you.

If so, find out about their activities and transportation services for members and their families. You should also check out public transportation options nearby and if there are nearby shopping centers, restaurants or other amenities that may help increase your daily quality of life in this new community.


One of the best investments you can make is finding the right senior living community for you. That said, it’s not as easy as just visiting one or two and hoping you like them. You should make sure to assess what your needs are and priorities are before making any decisions on which communities suit you best. If you’re looking for a laid-back environment with lots of green space, then Mansions Senior Living might be perfect.

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