A Move-In Guide for College Students

As someone who is continuing your education, you have a lot on your mind. You are preparing to start school and also looking to get settled into a new home. Know the steps you need to take as you move in and get settled in the place where you’ll be spending the school year.

Prepare a Budget to Use During the School Year

You don’t want to leave your parents’ house only to have to come back right away to ask for money. As you start your college education, having a budget will help you stay on track and make sure that you can take care of your bills. Before doing anything else related to moving and starting your college education, sit down to come up with a budget and make a plan for how you will get through the upcoming months without running out of money. You might ask a parent to help you do this and to make sure that you are planning correctly.

Prepare the Supplies You Will Need While Moving In

Before you start to unpack in a new place, you want to clean that place and make sure that it is ready for your things. When you are getting ready for a move, shop for cleaning supplies that you can use to get your new place ready for use. Buy disinfectants and bathroom cleaners to put to use right away at your new place.

You should also purchase simple tools that you might need for putting together your new furniture and supplies that you will need in the future, such as laundry detergent, dish cloths, and a vacuum cleaner. It is better to prepare ahead of time than to have to run to a store if you want to clean or you are in the middle of a project.

Get to Know the Area Where You’ll be Living

The area surrounding the housing that you choose might have a lot of entertainment to offer, and you will only know about all of that if you spend some time getting to know that area. Knowing what surrounds the luxury apartments in SW D.C. that you have chosen can help you enjoy the time that you spend in those apartments and also stay safe. Take time to explore the area where you will be living and to get to know where the closest grocery store is and what the best route will be when you are headed to class.

Enlist Help for the Move

Handling a move on your own can be exhausting, and you should enlist friends and family to help you carry boxes into your new place. You might choose to have others help you unpack the boxes, too, or you might choose to do that on your own so that you can decide where you want everything to go. Get your friends and family to help you figure out how you want your space set up and where you should put your furniture so that you will not have to try to move things around again after you are all alone.

Set Up as Much as Possible Right Away

The more that you can get set up in your new home, the more that you will feel relaxed there and like the place actually is home. You might start to long for your parent’s house if you do not get your possessions unpacked quickly, and you do not want that to happen. Do as much unpacking as you can as soon as you get your possessions in your new home. Get things set up in a way that makes the place comfortable and that gets you excited about the coming days. Make sure that you have clean towels and sheets ready to go as you settle into your new place.

As you move for the first time as an adult, you might feel nervous about the future. The sooner that you can get settled into your new home, the quicker that you will adjust to living there and the easier that everything will be for you. Learn about the area where you are living and what it offers as you try to get settled and excited, too.

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