Arif Mahmood – top scorer of Pakistan Championship 2010/2011

In Pakistani championship, many clubs practice open attacking soccer. That’s why there is always a tense and interesting struggle for the title of top scorer. By the way, at you can follow this championship and make predictions for each match.

Arif Mahmood managed to win the title of the top scorer of the championship in 2010/2011 campaign. The experienced forward had 21 accurate shots under his belt. In general, his victory in the scoring race can hardly be called a sensation. Mahmoud was already the top scorer in the league the year before.

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During that season, the forward was very stable and always in good form. He regularly hit the gates of both top teams and outsiders of the championship. By the way, the section – pk live covers all the confrontations involving this team. Yes, Mahmood has not played in the “WAPDA” for a long time. However, fans still remember his vivid individual performances. 

Mahmood won the title of top scorer that season for the fifth and final time in his career. No other player has ever won an individual award this often.

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What allowed the player to win the scoring race once again?

Mahmood didn’t slow down throughout that season. He was also the central figure in his team’s attacking formations. Because of that, the forward had plenty of chances to demonstrate his strong qualities on the field. By the way, it is easy to follow the success of the team where he spent his best years on the website of the trusted bookmaker. Also, you are waiting for toto bet online on This is a great opportunity to get a win.

Going back to Mahmood’s figure, he won the scoring race with the help of:

  • a well placed shot;
  • a sense of scoring that allowed him to always be in the right position;
  • the ability to play with the body and push the opponent away.

All of this gave the forward an opportunity to get ahead of the competition. His experience has repeatedly helped him catch opponents’ mistakes and take advantage of them.

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