Benefits of Extracurricular Activities Statistics

Extracurricular activities can be an excellent choice for students as they build valuable skills, enhance social interaction, and promote a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, they can increase test scores and grade point averages, improve attendance and reduce antisocial behavior and delinquency. According to studies, extracurriculars improve self-confidence, teamwork, and leadership skills ebooksweb. They can also reduce drug use and behavioral problems related to drugs.

The number of extracurricular activities in a school community varies, but in general, it shows a lower dropout rate and increased sense of community among students. Additionally, participation in extracurricular activities improves students’ self-esteem, and helps them balance study and leisure time. This is why more schools should offer extracurricular activities to their students. Furthermore, many studies have shown that extracurricular activities are a great way to encourage social inclusion and give disadvantaged children the chance to engage in a variety of activities kr481.

Students who are involved in extracurricular activities have greater communication skills. They have the opportunity to develop new skills, participate in team events, and practice public speaking. They also gain a greater perspective on the world around them. As a result, they are more likely to get into colleges and universities. Further, these activities also help them gain employment, apply for scholarships, and live meaningful lives wapwonlive.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, after-school activities help students reach higher academic goals and improve self-esteem. Additionally, they improve students’ self-concept and their ability to work as part of a team.

When playing sports, children need to understand the rules of the sport and follow them carefully. This can help them avoid injury. For example, they should avoid spiking the opposing player who is covering the bag, or hitting a tennis ball directly at their opponent. In addition, they need to use the correct equipment, which must fit their size properly realestateglobe.

Athletes also need to stay properly hydrated. If they play more than two hours a day, they may need to consume fluids that are high in electrolytes. Their sports equipment should be properly fitted and be in good condition. Players should also get physicals to check if they have any physical weaknesses or injuries.

Whether it’s playing football or hockey art4daily, athletes should be wearing the right safety equipment to avoid injury. Athletes should wear a helmet, which reduces the chance of a head injury by seventy to eighty percent. It’s also important to wear proper protective gear during practice.


Wearing protective eyewear is crucial, too. Most sports equipment stores offer glasses or goggles. Shop around for the best one for your sport. Helmets are a must for hockey and football players, but many other sports don’t require them. However, growing awareness of concussions has made it more important than ever to wear proper head protection.

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