A patient with restricted movements who has to remain in the hospital bed for almost the entire day would not feel comfortable sleeping only on a medical air mattress. This is because general therapeutic mattresses can increase the risk of developing pressure wounds and bedsores in the patients because of rubbing of skin and lack of ventilation. People have restricted mobility because of serious surgery, extensive injury, or medical condition. In such a situation, if they do not feel relaxed on the mattress and the mattress results in the development of bedsores, their recovery time may increase an hospital bed . So, using an air mattress for a hospital bed for such patients is important. Due to alternating pressure technology used in mattresses, the bodyweight of the patient is not put on particular points. This technology works by inflating and deflating cells alternatively so that pressure is put even on the entire body. This is why pressure wounds or bedsores do not develop.

Features of hospital bed rental

Low-air loss technology – The latest mattresses come with low-air loss technology. Such mattresses feature hundreds of tiny holes that allow a little amount of air to escape. As a result, the patient feels like they are floating, which is extremely relaxing for them.Fireproof – The mattresses are made using fireproof materials so that in the case of any emergency, the patient is not harmed.Programmable air control pump –

Using the air pump that comes with medical air mattresses, you can control its pressure manually. According to the needs of the patient, the pressure can be decreased or increased.

Advantages of hospital bed rental Toronto

Maintained temperature – Due to low-air loss technology, the temperature of the mattress remains cool. Foam mattresses tend to retain body heat but mattresses are designed in such a manner that they circulate air, which keeps the body temperature cool.Prevents pressure wounds – Pressure wounds develop when a patient is lying in the same position for a long time. This puts stress on specific body parts and as a result pressure wounds or bedsores may develop. Now, the patient who has limited mobility is generally extremely sick or injured. If bedsores develop, they would take a longer time to recover. However, because the mattress can be inflated or deflated manually as per the needs of the patient, the pressure points can be altered. As a result, the chances of getting pressure wounds and bedsores decrease significantly.

A Flexible Surface – A mattress works with an air pump at the base of the bed, which pumps the air into the inside area of the mattress. The pump moves air through the mattress and makes it easier for it to stay inflated. This works without being overly firm or soft. Rather, the air allows for a comfortable space where the mattress supports one’s body, allowing the patient to experience a higher degree of comfort.

Air circulation maintains hygiene – A patient who has restricted mobility would require a mattress that does not need to be cleaned frequently. Moreover, spilling of their bodily fluids, liquid food, medicines, etc. is common. Due to air circulation, such liquids dry quickly. Also, such mattresses come with a water-resistant and stain-resistant top cover. This is why they are easier to clean and do not become a source of infections.

The Bottom Line

A hospital bed has numerous benefits because of its features. As a result, they are highly useful and suitable for patients who have very limited mobility.With pressure hospital beds, the treatment of bedsores or skin shearing will reduce drastically in patients required to take bed rest for a long period of time. The alternating air along with the overlay makes the mattresses comfortable to sleep on as the body’s ability to handle pressure on the skin increases.

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