Choosing a rust-proof primer in the steel structure 

One factor of the service life of a steel frame knock-down house Not just a knock-down house Can be used for building a single-storey house

Anti-rust primer as a steel primer Before painting the topcoat, it has the property of coating steel, making the steel texture not touch. water and air directly Therefore, the iron does not rust.

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But the factor causing the deterioration of the rust-proof paint is “sunlight” if we observe the secondary painted steel. Rust proof floor and oil topcoat under direct sunlight After 1-2 years, it causes the rust-proof primer film or topcoat oil to gradually become thinner, dry, crisp and eventually peel off.

When there is no protective paint film is the reason the steel touches water and air, which is the cause of rust, picture, paint film is damaged by sunlight, dry frame, peel off galvanized steel to make fence frame. It can rust as well when the zinc plated meat is thinner. Think of a galvanized roof.. Old and rusty as well.

galvanized steel case It is an important structure on the outside that has to be painted as well.

The thickness of the paint has an effect on rusting. Anti-rust paint that is sold as General materials stores have 2 grades:

  1. Anti-rust primer grade A. An example of grade A anti-rust paint is TOA red oxide paint. The property has a lot of color. thick film coating The semi-gloss formula makes it more scratch resistant. Suitable for steel structures that are outside exposed to strong sunlight and/or high humidity. Thick film is resistant to sunlight. therefore do not need to coat the paint to prevent rust often
  2. Anti-rust primer grade B, low texture properties. thin coating paint film side recipes make Not resistant to scratches Suitable for steel structures that are not exposed to much sunlight. Because the paint is thin, it is easy to deteriorate. If outside, it must be painted to prevent rust often. An example of grade B anti-rust paint is KOBE brand paint, Lok duck paint color.

4.2.1 Why use good quality rust proof primers? good quality rust proof

Advantages of good quality anti-rust paint

  1. Lots of color and a thick, semi-gloss formula. Makes the skin slippery and difficult to scratch. Very resistant to sunlight, water and humidity, long service life.
  2. Results from the operation It helps to save paint, thinner and labor cost.

Disadvantages of low cost rust proof paint

  1. The color is less and sometimes there is only dust when spraying. Not very durable, short service life is easy to scratch
  2. Waste paint, waste thinner If you have to paint or spray paint thickly, it takes a lot of work and wastes labor costs.

TIP- For primer work, black steel, Delta Red oxide is recommended the most because it meets TIS 2387-2555 standards with TOA Red oxide (similar quality).

TIP. Anti-rust primer that is sold in most general stores, 80% is grade B, grade A is difficult to find. You have to buy it at a large material store, which has a wider selection.

2 Anti-rust primer for galvanized steel

Galvanized steel is increasingly used in home building business and galvanized steel is steel that has been coated with zinc. Glossy surface, color, primer used Must have good adhesion properties, such as Rush tech paint. Usually, galvanizing paint is both a primer and a built-in topcoat. which can be applied for both galvanized steel, black steel and PVC pipe. At present, in 2020, the galvanized primer can be purchased quite widely. according to the steel shop

Galvanized paint, in case of four spraying should be used. The specially formulated thinner of four galvanized will help dissolve better. Price of Galvanized primer 1 gallon price 500-550 baht Price of 1 gallon of black iron primer price 250- 380 baht

TIP. At present, Galvanized paint has both film texture, matt formula and gloss formula, and Galvanized paint can be applied to black steel and has better rust resistance. general oil formula paint

Epoxy anti-rust primer For steel structures in severe corrosive environments such as near the seashore, chemical industry plants.

It is a two-component, thick film epoxy paint suitable for all types of surfaces. Apply over surfaces where rust cannot be removed immediately. The paint penetrates through the rust layer well, so it can stop rusting 100%. Apply over the metal surface. and all kinds of alloys such as galvanized steel, aluminum alloy, zinc

TIP. Epoxy primer, price per set is about 1,500-1,600 baht, the price is about 5 times higher than the general primer, making it not very popular. The stores are not stocked, and most of them are available in stores near the beach. or industrial sources

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