Custom Table Covers – What to Know Before Participating In the Next Tradeshow

Getting your target audience to notice and engage with you is undoubtedly the steepest challenge when participating in a trade show or any other event to market your products and services. According to Entrepreneur, trade fairs are an excellent way for networking with industry players. Given that you have a very brief window to attract your target audience and engage with him, boosting the visibility of your table with a custom-printed tablecloth is a must.

Why Use a Custom Table Cloth

An eye-catching, professionally designed tablecloth will help catch the eyes of the tradeshow visitors and will help you to stand out from the clutter of competing businesses. It can also help make your brand more familiar with the audience and permit you to make your presence more prominent. A table cloth bearing the name and logo of your business will help attract more traffic to your booth and generate more leads.

Types of Tablecloth Fabrics

One of the things that can help draw more attention to your booth at the trade fair is the type and quality of the custom tablecloth. Fortunately, there are several excellent options of table cover printed to suit every budget. Some of the most popular custom tablecloth fabrics include:

Polyester: Polyester fabric, made from a robust and glossy synthetic yarn, is among the most widely used materials for custom tablecloths. You can get polyester fabric in various thicknesses, textures, and colors to suit every requirement. You can also opt for a fire-retardant polyester fabric for extra safety. A liquid-repellant cloth is perfect for those in the F&B sector. The fabric is easy to clean, requires little maintenance, and is wrinkle-free, making it ideal for events.

Spandex/Stretch: Spandex or stretch polyester is an excellent choice for those who desire a more premium-looking table cover at an event. The cover looks good with its body-hugging finish. You can order a fire-retardant variant for safety reasons or compliance with the event management rules.

Canvas: For outdoor events that need to stand up well to the elements or for heavy-duty use, a good choice is a canvas table cover. You will very likely get them with fire-retardant and spill-proof versions.

Choosing a Custom Tablecloth Fabric

If you are uncertain about the fabric you should choose for your custom tablecloth, you can ask for fabric samples that any leading suppliers will be happy to send to you on request. To decide on the fabric best for your needs, you should consider whether you will be using them indoors or outdoors and the frequency of use. Additionally, you should take into account any special properties like water or fire resistance and the look and feel that suits your business image better.


A custom-printed table cover is among the most effective and affordable methods of giving extra visibility to your business or brand when participating in tradeshows or other events. Since you have a lot of choices regarding the fabrics and price points, it is tempting to choose the cheapest one, but you must keep in mind the image you want to project and that the better-quality tablecloths will generally offer better value for money.

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