Does DUI Case Affect Someone’s Career?

Are you searching for a potential job but worried about the effects of your previous DUI case? Or are you searching for a job related to driving, handling goods, etc.? In both cases, there is a high chance that an employer will check your background and history in order to know your potential. But wait! What if he gets to know about your previous DUI case? 

These questions might hit your mind, “does a DUI case can affect someone’s career?” or “will a DUI lawyer prevent it?”.

DUI, which is also known as driving under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs, is illegal in every state. The minor wrongdoing or the felony in DUI is considered a criminal act according to the law of the United States.

Both the misdemeanour and felony get through a court prosecution and are reported in your criminal report. This clearly means that if anyone would have your background check, he/she will definitely get to know about your previous DUI case bintangplus4d

But don’t worry! The DUI lawyers are performing their best to get you out of such situations, especially the lawyers of big cities like Los Angeles.

After understanding the term DUI and its effects now, let’s jump to the main question:

How Will DUI Cases Affect My Career?

Wyoming, DUI attorneys stated that after conviction, it is very hard to explain your DUI to any employer. Especially if your job is related to driving or handling sensitive materials, then your career might be fully demolished. Thus, it is of utmost importance that you get legal advice and assistance from experts.

However, as far as your job is not related to these cases, your employer may understand your DUI case explanation. 

These explanations can become easier if you fully know your legal rights. So let’s jump into the article to know more about how a DUI case can affect someone’s career.

1. Permanent Criminal Record for Lifetime

Having a permanent criminal record is the first and most important thing that will affect your career. As driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is considered a criminal act and is highly illegal in every state, once your name is on the criminal record for DUI, it will not go anywhere. 

Let’s suppose you are applying for a new job. Nowadays, most companies check the background and criminal records of the interviewee. And this is where you can have a 90% chance of not getting the job. 

But there is good news for you! According to the Criminal Identification Act, your records can have limited access. The access will only be granted to the people approved by the court. In this way, your career can be somehow safe from getting fully demolished. 

But if your job is related to any driving agency, then they might have access to your DUI on your criminal record. 

2. Trouble in Finding Sensitive Jobs

Another disadvantage you may face from a DUI case on your criminal record is trouble finding sensitive jobs. Sensitive jobs may include daycare at childcare academies, a teacher at school or college, or any other job related to driving or handling sensitive materials. Before appointing you for these kinds of jobs, there is a high chance that your employer will do your background check murah4d

As soon as he finds you guilty in a DUI case, he will not consider you anymore. In this way, your career in sensitive jobs can be demolished. Moreover, you may also be unable to apply for any government job or job in the military as these firms require high background checks. 

But once again, if you choose a good and well-experienced DUI lawyer, your problems can be reduced. 

3. Damage Your Character

If you are not applying for any sensitive job, still you have to be prepared to give tons of explanations to your employer. A DUI case on your criminal record will damage your character image. You need to work very hard to prove your character. 

Let’s suppose an employer asked you about your criminal record and previous history before making a check on your background. Make sure always to tell him the truth. Otherwise, he will get to know it through your criminal record checking, and you would be considered dishonest. 

So to maintain your character image, you must stick to honesty. However, if your job is not DUI-sensitive, it won’t affect your career. So make sure not to build up any wrong story. 

Jobs You Cannot Do After DUI Conviction.

The question might be rendered your mind about which kinds of jobs you cannot apply for after indulging in a DUI case. Keep reading the article to know the answer. 

  • You may be unable to pursue your career as a teacher in any school or institute.
  • You are disqualified for doing any driving-related jobs like a taxi driver, transferring goods, bus driver, etc. 
  • Indulging in a DUI case might also disqualify you from practising as a doctor, nurse, plumber, engineer, etc. After all, who wants his doctor to be drunk on a visit? 
  • For joining the military, it is necessary for you to clear the security check. Having any criminal record, even a DUI case, can fail your security check. 
  • The same goes for government jobs. You need to clear the security check for applying for a government job. Having a DUI case on your criminal record can disqualify you from doing any government job.

Can I Get Fired for a DUI Case from My Current Job?

Another question that can hit your mind regarding a DUI conviction is, “can you get fired for a DUI conviction from your current job?”. The short and simple answer is Yes. The employer has a full right to fire you from your current job if you have indulged yourself in a DUI case. 

Most jobs are based on an at-will phenomenon where employers can fire you for any reason and sometimes without any reason. So be mentally prepared to get fired anytime after the DUI conviction. 


Drinking under the influence of alcohol or drugs is illegal in any state of the world. It is risky for yourself as well as for others too. After indulging in a DUI case, your career can be somehow finished. So, you must make sure to take legal advice from DUI lawyers as soon as you get caught in a DUI case. They will help you in the best way possible and may reduce your penalties and losses.

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