Factors to consider when buying women’s shoes

The Australian footwear industry had total revenue of $2.8bn in 2020, and you will be surprised to know that the women’s footwear segment counts as the market’s most valuable segment, with total revenues of $1.2bn, equivalent to 42% of the market’s overall value. For women, shoes are not just a part of an attire; they consider them to be an integral part of a woman’s personality that gives a finishing touch to their look. You can find the most comprehensive array of women’s shoes in Australia.

The right shoes you wear can spruce up your looks and personality to boost your confidence for commendable social relations and make a lasting and positive impression on people. That said, it is not just about investing in a pair of shoes that look pretty and compliment your outfit; they should be comfortable and keep your feet healthy and safe. Hence, it is all about finding a perfect combination of comfort, versatility and balance. So do you know some points you need to keep in mind when buying women’s shoes? If not, continue reading! Here are some key factors you need to consider when buying shoes for yourself.


The first and foremost consideration you need is the type of shoes you wish to buy. Knowing the dress with which you will pair it will help you narrow your search. Australian fashion is known for its effortless elegance. The trend of wearing fashionable matching shoes with outfits is expected to drive demand for the footwear market over the forecast period. This is why the women’s footwear market in Australia is flooded with countless styles that include sneakers, flats, slides & sandals, ballerinas, heels, boots, etc. Every type of women’s shoe is designed to complement different kinds of clothing.


Now that you have decided which type of footwear will best suit your needs, it is time to see the shoe’s comfort. Hence, for this, it is always best to give them a try and ensure that the boots snug your feet comfortably. It is always a good idea to try them and walk a few steps to find out how well they fit and how comfortable they are. However, make sure the eCommerce store offers return/ replacement services when buying online. When choosing shoes for regular wear, ensure they have proper cushioning and the correct width. Avoid buying pointed-toe shoes as they will cram your feet. Plus, always go for high-quality material. The Research and market report of Australia showcases that the demand for shoes and boots among Australian women dominates the sales of women’s footwear. Reason- they feel more comfortable and keep their feet safe and secure.


Even if you have measured your feet hundreds of times in the past, you should always measure your feet before buying a new pair of shoes because your size may change over time. This is of utmost importance, especially when buying shoes online, as different brands have different size standards. If you have the correct measurements of your feet, you can find the right size for yourself by referring to the brand’s size chart. Finding a perfect fit is necessary; the wrong shoe size can lead to various injuries and discomfort.


The rising influence of fashion is one of the key factors contributing to the upsurge in Australia’s women’s footwear industry revenue. As the sales are increasing phenomenally, prices of the women’s shoes in Australia are also skyrocketing to make more and more profit. Depending on the brand, quality, type and design, the cost of the shoes may vary, so it is better to determine your budget for the shoes to save yourself from overspending.

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