FAQs related to workers compensation in Vermont

A work-related injury can cause unexpected trauma. Unfortunately, workplace injuries are not rare in Vermont, and workers often don’t get the compensation that they deserve. It is often because navigating through the workers’ compensation process is not easy, especially when you are dealing with your injuries and the consequent losses. In this post, we are sharing some key FAQs related to workers compensation in Vermont. 

Do I need to prove fault when filing a workers’ compensation claim?

No. The workers’ compensation system in Vermont is a no-fault system. It doesn’t matter whether your employer was negligent or how things unfolded on the floor. The workers’ compensation system is meant to help injured workers tide through the tough time after an injury and get back to work at the earliest. 

Will I get paid as I am out of work because of a work-related injury?

Injured workers in Vermont are entitled to wage replacement checks, provided that the injury is such that an injured worker is out of work or can return to the workplace but with restrictions. Also, you are entitled to the cost of medical treatment related to the injury, vocational rehabilitation services, and permanent injury compensation, as applicable. 

What is an Independent Medical Examination? 

Independent Medical Examination is usually scheduled by the insurance company to determine whether your injury is related to the work you do and to determine other details, such as impairment rating. You should attend an IME when asked unless you have permission from the Department of Labor not to go for that. You must receive a notice for the IME at least seven days before the appointment, and the location should not be more than a 2-hour drive from your house. 

Should I hire a workers’ comp lawyer?

The short answer is yes. Your lawyer is your biggest resource for filing a workers’ comp claim. From filing the forms on time and gathering evidence to bolster your case to discussing the settlement with the insurance company, they do it all. If your claim has been denied, your lawyer will help fight the insurance company. If the insurance company stops your case or a settlement cannot be reached, they will not mind going to trial. 

Can I choose a doctor for my treatment?

Yes, you can choose a doctor for your treatment and care, but your employer has the right to pick a doctor for the initial medical visit. Please note that you must inform the insurance company that you are replacing your doctor, for which you must file a Form. 

Call an attorney to know more!

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