Filler and Ulthera help men look handsome

Clear face frame, sharp face, clearly visible ridge of the jawline or jawline area. because it can reveal the nature of strength and looks highly manly

with a person whose face frame is not clear. With sagging or watery skin, it’s not difficult to have a crisper face. Because now there is an innovation that helps to lift and tighten the skin. Fill and reshape the face To be more sharp easily with Filler injections and Ulthera.

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Many people may think that filler injections are to fill deep grooves such as cheek grooves, under-eye grooves, or injections to adjust the face shape in specific spots such as chin injections, lip injections, etc. But in addition, filler injections can also. Can be injected to create a crisp face to look sharp as well. Which is an injection to adjust the shape of the lower front From the jawline, Jawline all the way down to the chin. In which filler injections create facial contours At present, it is considered a very hot technique because the results can be seen to change the shape of the face that looks better quickly after the injection is completed.

By injecting fillers to create a face frame, it will focus on adjusting the face shape to look better naturally. face not stiff The doctor will evaluate the patient’s face in detail. as well as designing the injection to best match the patient’s face and special techniques that make the results of the face look comparable to surgery. But to be more natural, is to correct all the lower face proportions. without choosing to fill in only one of the flaws, for example, if filling only the jaw line to look sharp only The face may be out of proportion. for the chin area which makes it look unnatural So for the perfect result more natural The doctor will inject fillers to fill the area around the face. together with filling the chin together so that the lower face is the most proportional look more lifted No matter how you look at it from any angle, your face is dimensionally sharp. Looks natural, not stiff

The filler that is commonly used to create a face frame. It is a type of filler hyaluronic acid (Hyaluronic Acid) or HA that has a heavy molecule, hard texture and density. good mold and stable difficulty to move It is very suitable for injecting the lower face such as the chin and jaw.

Juvederm, a famous quality filler brand from America. It has been widely popular all over the world. Juvederm Volux has produced a new filler that is suitable for facial contouring. It can meet the needs of those with disproportionate lower face problems, such as a short chin, a wattle, and an unsharp face frame. I want to adjust my face shape. You can look at it and have more dimensions. Because the Volux model is designed specifically for injections in the jawline, jawline and chin area. Moreover, the results persist for up to 24 months as well.

Ulthera Ulthera

The first innovation that can help adjust the face shape. Ready to restore the skin deeply and effectively. That is becoming very popular right now is the Ulthera skin lifting tool, sure enough. This tool is suitable for people with sagging skin. Want to lift the skin back to be very tight and firm again. It also helps to adjust the face frame to look slender. and sharper with more dimensions Suitable for people with facial contouring problems. Or the face is not the same as well. It can also help restore the skin to be smooth. Wrinkles are reduced. The face returned to look younger again.

By working with Ulthera, when the doctor shoots the tool into the skin. The frequency waves are transformed into small points of heat energy of equal size and stimulate the SMAS layer to contract. and creating collagen including new elastin As a result, the outer skin is raised. have a firm, slender face The front frame is sharper. In addition, the increased collagen and elastin will help smooth the skin. flexible Skin looks healthier

As a result of Ulthera treatment, we can immediately see a better change after doing it that the face looks lifted by 10-15% and will see more and more obvious results within 1-3 months because under the skin layer has been treated. Stimulate new collagen and elastin all the time. This result can last more than 1-2 years ever.

Is it better for men to inject Filler or do Ulthera?

Both Filler and Ulthera can help create a crisp face. You can adjust the face shape to have dimension in the way you want with both techniques. So if you ask me, is it better for men to inject Filler or do Ulthera? would have to look at the problem of the patient primarily. Is there any point that should be fixed? For example: The patient has a problem with the facial contour not clearly. because of sagging skin and skin problems including wrinkles Your doctor will recommend Ulthera to tighten your skin. and help adjust the shape of the face to be sharp Ready to restore the skin from the first treatment.

After that, the patient can inject fillers to create a sharper face frame as well. Because, as I said, the trend of men’s faces in this era. Will focus on the jawline or Jawline that has dimensions, looks sharp, so the injection of fillers around the face thus helping to fill in the results of a more complete face.

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