Five steps to achieve the newest PMI-Agile Certified Practitioner, Certification

If you want to build a product that excites your customers, then you have to rethink how to work collaboratively. Your team has to imbibe the cutting edge technology as well as respond to customer feedback. That’s the reason that many teams are embracing an Agile mindset. An Agile mindset team skips the traditional worker hierarchy and bases its operations from a Knowledge worker Hierarchy perspective, along with typical roles and practices. Agile teams are more predictable, collaborative, and usually more fun due to the Agile Mindset.  tinyzonetv


Know your exam.


The way we do things becomes part of our reality, and it’s the uncharted water where we float without even thinking. That’s the reason we should have generalists instead of specialists. With this mindset, you are not thinking of working differently, but you are working differently. Many organizations are adopting Agile methodologies to deliver their products and services. To understand the paradigm, we have to gain clarity with the Agile Manifesto. An Agile Manifesto is a set of states that contains 12 Principles and 4 values that help you to embrace the Agile Mindset. 

For many years the Project Management Institute has offered certifications for Projects Managers. In 2011, PMI brought in the PMI ACP certification focused on the Agile methodologies. Do you probably know what type of learner you are? You can be a visual & verbal learner, so that you might seek to learn through a classroom-based or online tutor-led learning module. We discuss everything about this certification, starting from the domain areas to focus, prerequisites, scheduling the exam & the nooks and cranny of this certification.


The Domain overview.


PMI wants you to pass this test, so you should not get overwhelmed with the amount of information. The ACP certification is thriving because of people like you; people understand the value of the certification & take all precautionary steps to pass the exam. They want you to succeed in the exam so much so that they publish everything you need for the certification exam. Here are the domain areas you need to cover to pass the ACP exam:


• Agile Principles & Mindset-16%

• Value-driven Delivery-20%

• Stakeholder Engagement-17%

• Team Performance-16%

• Adaptive Planning-12%

• Problem Detection & Resolution-10%

Continous Improvement-9%


Breaking down the domain questions


As you can notice, the first four domain forms 69% of the exam contents. Now you know where to focus. Within each domain, they test on both “Tools & Techniques” as well as the “knowledge& Skills.” The T&T and K&S are collectively referred to as the Toolkit of each domain.


Some of the questions from each of the domains are going to be scenario-based. It would help if you focused on eliminating the wrong options while you attempt these sorts of questions by Sprintzeal.


Test timings


Understanding the boundaries of this exam is crucial before you sit for it. The PMI-ACP exam consists of 120 MCQs & randomly selected questions. The randomly selected question here refers to that each person takes his/her unique version of the exam. The overall questions set for the test is substantial, and each applicant sees its sort of questions. Be aware that of all the 120 questions each applicant receive, 20 do not count towards the final score & are called pretest questions. This real-life testing focused on adding in the future; it means it neither counts for you nor counts against you. A passing grade of the exam is an official mystery. PMI doesn’t announce the exact percentile needed to pass the exam. But experts assume it to be around 70%. You have three hours to complete this test. It means you get only 1.3 seconds per question if you deduct the exam tutorial timing of 15 minutes.  anonig


Time usage strategy


Of course, this isn’t long enough, as you get many challenging questions. So you are left with the Flag question options. It means you flag difficult questions & return to them later. Move through the test at a consistent pace answering everything you are sure of immediately and flagging the tough ones.




We believe that all your doubts about the exam cleared. Makes sure that while you prepare, make enough room for practice & simulation exams. These exams not only help you to know your velocity but also help you cadence through tough & uncertain questions. You can clear the examination quickly if you follow the critical domains.

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