How many types of servers are there?

The server is a computer that provides programs, data, and resources to other systems over a network. A computer that shares the same network is considered a server. There are different types of servers, including mail servers, web servers, and virtual servers. A server serves more than one system. A device may be both a client and a service provider. It may perform one function and serve several clients. A virtual server is a server that is separate from a physical one.

File servers are the most common type of server and they serve as the central storage area for many clients. In a hierarchical computing environment, file servers allow multiple users to share the same file, which makes the operation more efficient. A file server also has a security system to control which users can access the files. This is one reason that large companies delegate the security of their file server to directory services. This way, there are no vulnerabilities.

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Open source servers are another type of server. The name Gopher server, for example, serves plain documents and does not have hypertext. The Name server uses name-service protocol. There are other types of servers. The applications they serve determine their classifications. The main function of a server is to control network resources. These servers are also known as dedicated servers. They can be used to manage network resources. However, there are some important differences between these two types.

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