How to Replace a Lost Key? How much is the Cost?

There are several situations when you want Car Key Replacement. However, misplacing a car key can be a very frustrating experience, especially if you won’t have any spare keys inside or have neighbors with spares. It is also a security issue to find the best and most effective way to replace the lost keys to ensure the missing key does not fall into the hands of criminals. Thus, you have to make quick decisions to choose one of these methods to find the solutions for missing key issues and keep your home or car safe and secure. It depends on the model and year of the vehicle that you have. Replacing a lost key may involve several steps and lots of hundred dollars. Here are the prices of some main types of keys.

Master Key:

Several types of cars used in the early days were equipped with the master key intended to be used to make copies or Car Key Replacement. However, it is not planned for normal use because they need hundreds of dollars to replace. The high price is that sometimes it is essential to replace the complete engine management system, which potentially costs thousands of dollars. Nowadays, most cars don’t come with master keys. Even if you buy a used car, it is good to double-check the owner’s manual to see if you should be getting a master key with the other keys.

Traditional Key:

It is the most basic key type, usually found on older cars and doesn’t have any encoding. The traditional key can be made with many machines used to cut metal, die punch or other methods. However, they can be cut from a standard key blank, ranging from $3 to $10.

Valet Key:

Nowadays, many cars are equipped with a key, especially for valets. This type of key helps the owners provide the valet’s key, which will only unlock the doors and allow the car to start. However, it is also essential to remember that this key can’t open the trunk or glove box or perform other functions.

Smart Key:

It is a fob that, when it is in the range of the car, it will allow the car to turn on with a single click of the button. The best part of this key type is that you don’t need to insert it into the ignition. Moreover, they have to be easily replaced through the dealership and can cost anywhere from $200 to $400.

Laser Cut Keys:

It is also a basic key because the shank of the laser cut key is slightly thicker and contains fewer carved-out grooves. They are also known as sidewinder keys due to their unique winding cut. However, the machines required to cut this type of key are significantly more pricy than the standard key cutting machine. Moreover, they are not easily found at every locksmith or hardware store. 

They also have built-in transponder chips, which must be programmed at the dealership. Undoubtedly, they are becoming more famous than other types of keys, but these keys are also more expensive and generally need Car Key Replacement at the dealer, including the labor cost. Laser-cut keys can range from $150-$250.

Reason behind the Increase Cost of Replacement Car Keys:

To cut the blades of the Car Key Replacement needs sophisticated and expensive machinery. Don’t forget that to remain profitable, all the businesses develop their overhead into their prices. Thus, the machinery’s cost will be one of the biggest reasons for the Cost of Car Key Replacement. Therefore, you need to work on it to get it with them.

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