How to Ride a Horse Step by Step

The first step to riding a horse is to sit in the saddle with your legs apart and place your right foot in the stirrup. Make sure to place your left leg in the stirrup while swinging the other leg. Now, pick up the reins and place them around your left hip. After a few practice rides, you’ll be a pro. Regardless of the type of horse you ride, this is a basic guide to riding a horse.


The next step in riding a horse is to attach stirrups. Put your left foot into the stirrup and put your weight on the ball of your foot. You can hold the stirrups with your right hand and then swing your right leg over the horse. Ask someone to help you with this step. Once you have the right leg in place, lower the left foot gently into the stirrup.

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Once you have your horse securely tied, you can begin to sit upright on it. Look between its ears and don’t squeeze his leg. Sit up straight and keep your heels planted in the stirrups. Remember to sit on the side of the horse. You don’t need to be a pro at riding a horse, but it will help you become one. And remember to have fun!


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