How to Wear a Fedora Hat with Élan – a Gentleman’s Guide

According to hat experts, the fedora hat is not a specific style but a collection of hat styles with the same fundamental characteristics. Nowadays, with the general decline in wearing hats among men, any felt hat is colloquially referred to as a fedora. Within the general classification of fedora, it is commonplace to include trilby, homburg, & pork pie hats.

Characteristics of Fedora Hats

Also known as a snap brim, a fedora is any soft felt hat with a crown four to six inches in height and a soft brim measuring two to four inches broad. It usually has a crease running lengthwise down the crown and has a pinch where the top of the frown and the two sides intersect on the front of the hat. However, the styling is not a hard and fast rule because the unique thing about a fedora is it can have a shape, size, crease, etc. in innumerable combinations depending on the preference of the wearer. You can find fedoras with teardrop crowns, diamond crowns, center dents, and more that give them a unique look. Strangely the first fedoras had no creases and were sold with open crowns. The wearer could fashion the crease himself as per his choice. The brim of the fedora hat goes all around the crown. The edges of the brim, according to Thread Curve, can be left unfinished or sewn. You can also have a grosgrain ribbon binding it, or if it is an exclusive vintage hat, you may even find it finished with Cavanagh edge, now no longer available due to its high cost.

Wearing a Fedora Hat with Style and Confidence 

With an interesting history and the firm favorite of a multitude of film personalities and other celebrities, the fedora has timeless styling and appeals to people across generations. At a time, the general public has more or less abandoned the concept of wearing a hat, wearing a fedora automatically marks you as a gentleman of distinction and when worn with style, projects a fashion-forward personality. Some handy tips for gentlemen to get their fedora fashion right:

Get the Fit Right

Wearing a hat of the wrong size can make you look ridiculous, which is why you must get the fit right. You need to know that you should pick a big hat if you have a big head while if you have a small head, you will look better in a small hat. Do not ever use hats to compensate or balance out your head size. If the hat is too small, it will be uncomfortable and tend to fall off repeatedly, which can be irritating. On the other hand, if the hat is too big, it will make your head look bigger and appear clumsy because it will cover your ears. To measure your head accurately, you should place the measuring tape a little above your left ear and wrap it around your head. If you find it bothersome, you can walk into a hat store for an accurate measurement free of charge.

Decide Your Style

Choose fedora hat men that suit your style and personality. Even though felt is the most popular material for fedoras, you can also get them in fur and wool. You can also buy a fedora made of straw that works well for warm weather. However, if you love tradition, you will want the simple elegance of a classic fedora made of wool that you can recreate the movie gangster look. If you have a small head, you may prefer a pork pie hat since its narrow brim will look good on you. If you want to draw all eyes to you, you can choose a fedora with a wide decorative band.

Pair Your Fedora with a Suit for Formal Occasions

You can show off your style the best at formal occasions by pairing a felt fedora with a formal suit and tie. You can be sure that you will be among the very few or maybe even the sole person to be dressed in this classic and original style. Not having a suit is not a valid excuse as you can borrow from a friend or buy one from a thrift or department store but ensure that it fits you well to highlight your fedora. You can wear a formal ensemble with a fedora hat at weddings, dances, other parties, and celebrations, or even on solemn occasions like funerals.

Dress Down for Informal Occasions

The fedora is incredibly versatile. While you can wear it on formal occasions, it does not look out of place even when you dress it down for casual dinners, dances, school reunions, or fun with old friends. You can pair your fedora with slacks, a vest, or even a well-fitting sweater but be sure to wear nice shoes, not sneakers. It is not necessary to wear a button-down shirt for informal occasions. If you are wearing a sweater, be sure to wear a felt, fur, or wool fedora because a straw hat will look out of place. Wearing a fedora with a pair of well-fitting pair of jeans is not necessarily a sartorial faux pas if you pair it with a nice jacket or a blazer. You can add a little color by wearing a short with colorful patterns. If you are on vacation, wearing a brightly-colored fedora with a neutral-colored outfit can underline your presence nicely.


A fedora is a versatile hat style. People from all walks of life have demonstrated how good they can look with a fedora perched on their heads. Right from stylish gangsters to politicians and other celebrities, fedoras have been an all-time favorite with men of discerning taste and refinement. Even in an age when wearing a hat has become almost unfashionable, if there is one that you need to own for all occasions, it is a fedora. The fedora goes well in all seasons, and you can easily switch the felt for straw when the weather turns warm. It can be hard not to look cool wearing a fedora.

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