Jaco Costa Rica Fishing Packages

If you love fishing, you’ll want to consider Jaco, Costa Rica fishing packages. Not only is sportfishing rich in the Pacific Ocean, but you can also catch a variety of species inshore. Charters will take you to a local pier and back to the calm, protected waters for an evening of fun. Some of the packages even include a night of entertainment at a local beach club.

The region around Jaco is an ideal place for fishing. Not only is the water warm and shallow, but you can target some of the world’s most desirable species. Whether you want to try your hand at the elusive sailfish or hook a yellowfin tuna, you can find a fish to match your skills. Whether you’re an experienced angler or just a beginner, you’ll find the perfect Costa Rica fishing package for you.

Final Touch

If you’re an experienced fisherman, you’ll want to book a package that includes a day at sea. Whether you prefer to go out for a day or spend a week or two at sea, Jaco fishing packages are perfect for the whole family. The fishing is good, and you can target some of the world’s most coveted gamefish. In addition to sailfish and Mahi, you’ll probably hook a Yellowfin Tuna or a Waho.

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