Keep Your Cat Happy with These 6 Tips!

Providing the basics of living to feline pets comes naturally to pet owners. But, how can cat parents keep them happy? It requires much patience, love, and faith to walk that extra mile and do things to see that cheer on their little furry faces.

After all, animals do have a soul and emotions, they too need fulfillment. Just as humans are born free and are at their best when not controlled or allowed to be free, so do pet animals glow when you appeal to their minds and hearts.

If your kitty cat is having any issues, be it physical, mental, or behavioral, there may be some health deficiency you aren’t aware of. Seeking a vet’s help would be the ideal thing to do. With cat insurance NZ, you don’t have to look any further to provide top class health care to your furry baby at economical costs. Purchase cat insurance for your fur baby as life and health conditions are unpredictable.

In the meantime, we suggest some tips on how you can keep your furry family members happy at home.


Actions speak a thousand words. So, shower your fur baby with much attention and pet her when she wishes. She may slowly walk toward you and start meowing; that is a clear sign of asking you to take her in your arms and give her some warm snuggles. Short belly rubs and head strokes also work. If your kitty gets defensive, then do not touch and annoy her. She might be threatened by something or feel fearful.


Cats prefer staying alone and being independent. They find it very blissful to do their own thing. Gift your kitty a range of toys to play with so your pet adopts and sustains a happy state of mind, whether or not the humans are around. Feed their adventurous and curious side on a day-to-day basis.


The feline creatures love grooming. They spend a significant part of their day dressing their fur and setting them right. It is something you can help your pet kitty to bring a cheer to her face. You can look online for cat grooming hacks to prep your kitty cat.

Spick and Span

Kitties love their environment when it’s neat and clean. Make sure you clean up the litter boxes at least twice a week. They are sensitive to scents and like it when things are fresh around them. You don’t want your cat to be littering around, do you?


Allow your furry friend its say. Cats are exploratory, pretty vocal about their opinions (yes, they have opinions!), and love to be left free unto themselves. Help your cat move around in the garden, backyard, or a private space created just for it. One word of caution, though, make sure the fencing is right in place, and the backyard has no stealth routes through which your precious kitty can escape.


Cats’ ancestors lived in the wild, and many feline species live in the wild even today. They have hunting instincts, so you need to allow them to satisfy their calling for hunting. During the daytime, the kitty may get busy catching tiny insects or reptiles in the garden or chasing birds on the tree, or it can be a nighttime affair like sneaking into the living room and other places hoping to find a kill. Let them indulge in the sport in another way by providing plenty of playthings inside and keep them inside at night so they don’t kill native wildlife.

Still, it is best to have cat insurance to support your furry pet, who is involved in many risky businesses day in and day out. Cat insurance in NZ helps you work out your pet health expenses economically and also provides your furry bundle of joy opportunities to avail superior medical care in times of deteriorating health and emergencies.

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