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How COVID-19 Pandemic change tech industry

During lockdowns, the only way for entertainment was the internet. Best way to fight depression was watching video content. No one wanted long sized videos anymore. People were more enjoying short-form videos, and that’s why TikTok outshined all other video platforms during and after the pandemic.  TikTok became the best place for content creators and tech enthusiasts, since targeting specific audiences was easiest on TikTok. Even now, TikTok still remains the best platform where you can generate income by finding sponsors and creating content. You just need to buy instant Tik Tok likes and start your career!

Education and economic growth

It is worth remembering that, while there are thousands of positions available in the technology market, the unemployment rate in the country remains high. 

Social inequality is one of the main factors, since many citizens do not have access to education, equipment and internet infrastructure – which reduces their chances of entering the technology market. 

In a macro scenario, the same can happen with the countries: investment in training specialists for the sector should become a stimulus to innovation and growth.

Well-prepared workers are more likely to improve their lives, increase the country’s productivity and, consequently, economic growth.

With the possibilities and facilities of remote work, the labor crisis in the technology market can be even worse. Today, many professionals in the field work in companies in other countries, increasing the gap between the national demand for specialists and the supply of professionals. 

The most sought after professionals master the main programming languages ​​and it is common to see people in prominent positions in the main technology companies in the world. As a result, salaries and benefits packages are increasingly attractive.


The technology market is one of the most vibrant and busy in the economy. Good professionals in the area, valued for their deep technical knowledge and creativity in solving problems, can work in both national and foreign companies. 

It is necessary, however, to always keep up to date on the news in the segment that is constantly evolving. On the other hand, companies that do not want to be left behind must ensure the use of adequate tools to take advantage of this business context.

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