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Where did the origin of the Baccarat card game come from and why is it so popular nowadays especially? online baccarat It is said that before playing various gambling games to be able to become a master It is necessary to know the origin and origin of the gambling game, for example, a card game. online baccarat What is popular today has its origins in the online world. Let’s go follow up and find out.

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Baccarat card games originated from ancient China and ancient Rome.

It is said that almost all gambling games originated from China, which has the oldest civilization in the world. Baccarat is assumed to come from playing Chinese Mahjong. In those days, Mahjong games used tiles as tiles and had 9 as the highest point of Mahjong. It’s the same as playing baccarat. But there is still no assumption that indicates and confirms that the game of Baccarat comes from Mahjong of China.

Another assumption about the origin of Baccarat comes from the ancient Roman Empire. When the numbers were drawn from the rolling of the dice in ancient Roman rituals If a young lady throws the dice and gets points 8-9, it means the blood If the number 6 or number 7 is scored, it will survive and be released. If the girl withdraws the dice and scores lower than that, she will be punished to walk into the sea and drown herself. But still, there is no evidence to prove that the game of Baccarat came from the origin of Ancient Romans, since the dice were used to determine the points, they could not be connected.

Beginning in Rome, Italy, Baccarat Online

After the end of the ancient Roman era, it entered the flourishing era of Rome or Italy today, where Marco Polo discovered the printing press with symbolic images for use in the first play in 1290 AD. There were a total of 78 bars, after which it became very popular. Gambling game experts therefore think that the baccarat card game probably originated from the same place. But there are speculations that the card game is probably from Italy because the style of play is similar to the tarot game in the year. 1300, but there is still no conclusive evidence of a similar origin.

Italian gambler Felix Gaière discovered how to play Baccarat with an adaptation of the Tarot card game. Many gamblers become addicted to the style and method of playing, resulting in this card game invented by Felix. Has been very popular and widespread according to trends in various cities of Italy, including Macau. This game is therefore called the Italian Baccarat card game. There are also card games similar to baccarat card games. That’s the Lehe game. In this card game, there are 13 points together. Whoever has the closest 13 or highest points wins. But it is very different from the card game of Baccarat because players can exchange cards with each other.

Is Baccarat Really Originated from France?

card game baccarat online It is a game that is very popular and widespread in France. The baccarat card game published in France began in 1490 after the conflict between France and Italy at Le Republique, where the French elite favored playing baccarat. The aristocracy and the royal family, the rich and others, played together until a scandal broke out in 1837, Louis Philippe, one of the royal families of France. is involved in the baccarat card game Because card games and gambling in those days were considered extremely illegal.

But still, there are experts who are quite sure about card games. Online baccarat is the oldest version of the card game It actually originated in France, because the card game of Baccarat had a number of rules similar to the mathematical game of Charles Van-Tenac, who invented the 13-face card analysis game and was accepted by the people of the time.

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