Paying respect to monks and making merit before playing slots, is good or not?

From the ancestors to the next generation we akbet25 can often see that the elders are cultivating their beliefs. Faith for the family has followed each other for a long time. Until it becomes a matter of adherence to the identity of many people, including online gamblers who are popular with slot games, which these things make people who like to play slot games bring various beliefs to intervene. To make playing slots games more successful by paying homage to monks and making merit 

However, from such practice, it may cause many people to ask questions “wish to pay homage to monks before playing slots is good or not?” So we have answers. It is classified into two views. However, it depends on how you use your judgment in this matter.

Some people like to play slot games at PG SLOT camp, and use the service to spin prizes from the website PGSLOT. It was said that playing slots requires good luck. And relying on luck in playing slots a lot, therefore, it can be seen that there are still people who, before spinning the slot, have to find the talisman, find amulets, things to enhance their fortune, recite the spell to retrieve wealth first. Including paying homage to monks because they believed that doing good things will enhance their life. When doing anything, it is always as desired. Including playing slots games

But in contrast to the first point, it is found that there are still some slot spinners who don’t like to pay homage to monks. Make merit before playing slot games on the web PGSLOT because there is a belief that playing slot games are gambling. Gamble, Therefore, making slot pg merit with a pure heart or asking for blessings from monks and sacred things does not help in this matter. In addition, some people also believe that if you wish to make a wish about gambling, it will make your luck worse and unfulfilled. Playing slots games will always show the result in a loss.

However, the two beliefs cited as an example this time if you agree with any of them, it’s up to your judgment. Because this matter is considered a right and personal beliefs cannot be forced. But if you still have any doubts or want to prove which belief is more probable? Let you try to pay homage to monks and make merit. After that go in Try playing PG slots, games on the web PGSLOT, or in other words, you don’t have to pay homage to monks. Then go to try playing slots games. Then compare and see how the result will be. Of course, this matters each person will have the same answer.

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