Picking the Right Hookah for Yourself

Nowadays, smoking hookah has become quite popular. You can get nicotine and tobacco-free flavours and enjoy the heightened experience. However, you need to get the right shisha shop and the best flavours and hookah.

You might be surprised to know that while hookah traditionally originated from Egypt, Syria, Turkey, and several Middle Eastern countries, one in 25 Australians smoke shisha. Moreover, several people in their late teens to 40s consume it regularly. However, it is essential to note that selling or buying shisha requires a license.

That apart, you might be curious to know what you need to smoke shisha and the flavours you can explore as a beginner, isn’t it? So, read on.

Things to consider while buying your hookah

If you’re a beginner in the world of hookah and are planning to buy one for your home, you need to bear some considerations in mind.

Essentially, here are some qualities you need to consider before procuring a shisha set-up:

The material

Ideally, you must choose a material that will enable your hookah to last longer and ensure its stability. Typically, most experienced people prefer to buy brass hookahs as they are heavy, stable and have the most solid pipes. However, you need to ensure you polish it regularly to maintain its lustre and shine.

The type

You get two types of hookahs, namely, traditional and modern. The traditional hookahs will give you an original taste and often offer you a unique apparatus. These are by far the most functional and durable hookahs. On the other hand, modern hookahs are made with various materials and are focussed on the look.


Generally, the height of the hookah does not affect the quality of smoke. However, it can affect performance. If the hookah is higher, you’ll have more vases to play with.

Ideally, the best height for a hookah is 28-32 inches.

Hose numbers

Suppose you are a social shisha smoker. You might want to consider getting a four-hosed hookah. However, for personal use, you can stick with a single hose. Understand that the more the hoses, the lesser the performance of the hookah if not used properly.


You might want to consider your budget as well. Being a beginner, you might consider going for a cheaper one. However, beware that you might compromise on quality. Nevertheless, it is possible to get hookah for $50 to $70.

Top shisha flavours to try as a beginner

Shisha flavours are possibly the most exciting part of the hookah experience. There are several exotic flavours that you can choose from. However, as a beginner, here are the top flavours that you can enjoy safely:

  1. Orange

Orange is an outstanding citrus fruit category that provides a juicy and refreshing taste. It will give you a rich smell and flavour in your mouth.

  1. Blueberry

If you’re a berry lover, blueberries are perfect for you. It is aromatic and refreshing and gives you a zesty yet sweet taste.

  1. Lime Mint

A mixture of lime and mint flavours, this one offers you a chill and subtle taste. You also get a minty aroma, and the flavour offers beginners an incredible shisha experience.

  1. Grape

Grape offers you a fruity, smooth, and sweet flavour. This flavour gives you a refreshing and juicy experience and is perfect for a light shisha session.


Shisha shop is growing in demand as several youngsters and adults are keen on smoking them. However, you must know that buying shisha tobacco requires a license. On the other hand, you can access tobacco and nicotine-free shisha these days.

While smoking, hookah feels like fun; some things to consider before buying shisha at home. You must consider the height, material, number of hoses, budget, and flavours. Moreover, as a beginner, you might want to know that it is best to choose fruity flavours like orange, grape, lime mint, and blueberry as a beginner.

So, ensure you choose premium-grade hookahs and flavours to get the best out of the experience.

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