Pool exercises for seniors

Just because you are old does not mean that you can forgo physical activity. On the contrary, old people need greater physical activity since with old age, new problems set in.

Not only these then cause issues with mobility, but there is also pain and risk of injury as well. Exercise can help with improving balance, movement, posture alongside managing diseases as well.

However, being safe with during exercise is important, which is where pool exercises come in. With age, joints take a direct hit. Other forms of exercises like cycling are also difficult to do.

Pool exercises are easier on the joints but are challenging as well, so your body keeps improving. You may, however, before partaking in pool exercises, consult your Physiotherapist in Lahore if they are safe for in your condition.

Some pool exercises for seniors


If you already know how to swim, then head to the pool and do some gentle laps. Swimming not only helps in making your muscles and bones stronger, so it’s good for those suffering from osteoporosis and arthritis.

Swimming also helps in improving the health of the heart and lungs, both of which get affected with old age.

Arm curls

Arm curls can be best performed with the aid of water weights. These are good for improving arm movement. Stand with weight in your arm, that should be by your side. Move the arm towards your chest, bending at the elbow. Repeat on the other side.

Marching in place

Moving in water is slightly harder than moving on the land, as water offers resistance. This then allows seniors to undertake the task of gently resistance training, which is great for their muscles and the bones. It’s also rather easy to do, requiring nothing out of you but standing at the shallow end, lifting legs as if to march, but remaining stationary.


After marching in place, you can also try walking in water. You can follow the rods that are inserted across the pools to help you move around safely.

If your body allows it, you can also undertake jogging in water as well. However, make sure to keep safe.

Flutter kicking

Flutter kicking can be termed as slightly more advanced, as it somewhat involves the ability to float. For it, either use a float or the rod support in the pool to keep your body floating. Make sure to keep your face out of the water so that you can breathe. Then, kick your legs, as if you are doing a fluttering motion. Be sure to involve your glutes in the process.

Leg lifts

As the name also suggests, the task is simple to lift your leg. Even though water will help you in this process, but the movement against resistance will make it challenging enough to offer you benefits.

To do leg lifts, stand at the side of the pool, grabbing on the rod or the support. Then, lift your right leg up, gently, and then bring it back down. Repeat around 10 to 15 times, or till you have had enough, after which, switch sides.

Leg swings

These are like the leg lifts, but whilst they involved lateral movements, leg swings involve moving the leg in front and at the back.

To do leg swing, stand in the pool, grabbing the rod, angling your body sideways since you need to move your legs. Then, lift your right leg forwards, hold, and then move is back, holding and then move it back to the start position. Repeat around 5-10 times, and then switch sides.

Word of advice

If you have no prior experience of being in the pool, starting pool exercises can be daunting. Moreover, posture and accuracy matter; doing the exercise incorrectly can deprive you of its benefits.

So, try enlisting the help of a Physiotherapist in Rawalpindi who can guide you through the process of pool exercises.

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