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Questions to Ask When Buying a Refrigerator

One of the most important questions to ask when buying a refrigerator is whether or not you’d like to have a stainless-steel or white model. While white appliances have been around for a while, the latest models are made with an extra-stainless finish. While stainless-steel models may be more expensive, they have the added benefit of being smudge-resistant, but they aren’t energy-efficient. You’ll spend more time polishing the smudges off of your new appliance.

If you’re buying a second-hand fridge, be sure to ask about its condition. Although you might get a bargain, you could potentially end up with a lemon, which can pose a safety risk. It’s best to ask about the repair history of the appliance before making a purchase. In addition, check for signs of home repairs and replace any broken parts. If a seller is unwilling to provide information about the repair history, you may want to move on to another retailer. Make sure that the seller includes the operating manual with the unit, as well as all original parts. The owner’s manual will contain all the safety instructions and repair tips for your new refrigerator.

Ending Line

You should also ask the seller if they have ever repaired the appliance before. If they can’t provide this information, you might want to pass on that particular model. Having a new refrigerator delivered to your home is a dream come true – unless you’re looking for a luxury. However, there are many retailers who do not offer delivery services, so be sure to plan ahead and consider delivery paths carefully.

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