Should You Install A Synthetic Turf Or Not?

Synthetic turf, or artificial grass, is a faux grass spread made of plastic. They are an excellent alternative for a fast-paced city dweller who dreams of sprawling green gardens starmusiq.

Artificial grass comes in an array of sizes and qualities. You can easily find suitable artificial grass for your lawn at local or online synthetic turf wholesalers.

However, even though synthetic turf offers an assurance of greenery, are they truly worth it?

Keep reading to know both sides of the argument and make an informed decision.

Benefits Of A Synthetic Turf

Artificial grass doesn’t need much maintenance and is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Since they are made of plastic, durability is woven in their DNA and thus doesn’t demand much care.

Moreover, they don’t get easily damaged by extreme weather conditions like harsh sunlight and rain.

Below is a list of a few benefits you can enjoy upon installing a synthetic in your home.

Better Lawn Appearance

Synthetic turf comes in various sizes, and depending on the brand, the quality and mix of the material vary. These grass are suitable for indoor and outdoor environments.

Made to mimic the appearance of natural grass, artificial grass is available in varying blade lengths, green shades, and textures. You can also cut these grass sheets as per your preference since they are made of flexible material webtoon.

Pests & Weeds

Unlike natural grass, which needs soil to grow, artificial grass is man-made and does require soil to thrive. They are also pest and weed-free and don’t attract insects like gophers, raccoons, snakes, etc.

Puddles & Mud

A natural lawn often develops puddles and wet mud patches after watering. This is also the case if you reside in a drought-stricken region.

Artificial grass eliminates puddles and mud patches creation as they don’t need soil.

Save On Fertilisers Pesticides And Maintenance Costs

Investing in synthetic turf helps you cut fertiliser, pesticide, and maintenance costs and efforts. Saving on these efforts extends your spare time window, which you can utilise in other leisure or productive activity.

Long Lifespan

Synthetic turf boasts a lifespan of about 10-15 years.

Reduces Pollution

Gardening equipment like mowers, edgers, blowers, etc., consumes much energy and fuel to operate. This equipment is responsible for much pollution in the air.

According to a Swedish study, a mower releases about the same polluting particles as a car over a 100-mile trip.

However, this is not the case with synthetic turfs, as they’re practically maintenance-free.

Turf Is Not So Green On the Other Side

No matter how maintenance-free a synthetic turf is, it cannot match the qualities of natural green grass for sure.

Artificial grass is man-made and thus isn’t biodegradable. They are also harsh to feel while walking barefoot. Hence, they can be uncomfortable to walk on if you’re someone who likes to walk barefoot on grass.

Moreover, synthetic turfs absorb more heat. Therefore, sometimes synthetic turf wholesalers provide padding for the grass to lower its temperature during the day. It’s water prevention property hinders rainwater from flowing into the soil, disrupting the ecosystem’s functioning.

Last but not least, artificial grass installation can be pretty expensive.

Summing Up

Synthetic turf’s most attractive benefits are its low maintenance and weather-resistant property. Although it cannot replace the many qualities of natural living grass, it can certainly give your eyes the peace of a lush green sight.

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