Tips to play ludo game

If you are an Indian, then you must have played a ludo game. It is a card game which can be very good for killing time. You can play it with your family as well as friends. No matter, whether you are a kid or an adult, you will find this game an interesting one. To play this board game, the minimum number of players will be 2, and a maximum of 4 players can play it. Each player will be having four pawns and whichever player gets all pawns at home will win the game. You will find the home in the middle of the board. It is an easy game.

There are a few ludo tricks or tips that you need to know to play this game. To know about such tricks or tips, you can refer to the points given below:

  • Place your pawns in their colour pockets: Ludo game has 4 arms with equal distance in each arm. You will have to start your pawns from your pocket and take them to their home after completing all four arms. But to bring your pawns out of the pocket you will have to get either six or one on your dice. If on rolling your dice, you get a six, you will get an extra turn. If there are only two players playing this game, then each player will have to choose diagonal pockets. Parallel pockets cannot be chosen. You cannot move your pawns until you get them out by getting one or six on your dice.
  • Who will be playing the first turn? When we play board games on Gamezy free app, there happens one most common argument and that argument is who will play the first turn. But in this game, to decide who will play the first turn, each player will have to roll a dice and whichever player will get the maximum number will play the first turn. However, different methods can be chosen to decide on the first player like you can choose the youngest player to play the first turn.
  • How many spaces to move your pawn: Another rule that is followed while playing the Ludo game is how many spaces to move your pawn. You will have to move your pawn as per the number that you can get on each dice roll. Let’s say you get three on your first roll then you will have to move your pawn forward by three spaces. However, as already stated above, if you get a six, you will get an extra turn.
  • What if you capture your opponent: There is an interesting rule in this game that when you will capture your opponent then your opponent will have to take that respective pawn back to the starting point and you will get an extra move. The more opponents you will capture, the more lead you will get in this game.

These are the points that can help you in learning how to play ludo. Following these tips can also help you in winning the game.

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