Tub Pillow for Bath: Achieving Pure Relaxation

Soaking in a tub is a great way to relax your body. Whether you’re winding down from a hard day on your feet or you’re feeling sore from running a 5K, a bath will soothe your body and your mind. Baths are shown to have incredible benefits for self-care and health, but tubs can come with some comfort challenges. Luckily, a tub pillow for the bath is a great way to achieve the best relaxation possible. Read on to learn the benefits of a calming bath and why a tub pillow is a must-have for comfort.

The Self-Care and Health Benefits of a Relaxing Bath

Baths are one of the most common ways to practice self-care. Relaxing in a tub has been shown to have incredible benefits not only for your mental health but for your physical health as well.

Baths are long shown to be an instant mood lifter. Sitting in a tub has a comforting feeling of isolation and a sense of peace in a quiet atmosphere. Lying in the water is easy, there’s no strain involved, and it allows your mind and body to relax and feel calm. It’s the perfect way to wind down after a long day or if you just need a moment to yourself.

A benefit that’s both great for self-care and overall health is finding better sleep after taking a bath. When you soak in a warm bath your body temperature increases. Then, upon exiting, you experience a rapid cool down that produces melatonin which prepares you for a restful night of sleep.

The warmth of the water during your bath has major benefits for your body’s health. Heat is great for circulation which can help relieve muscle pain and the warmth can also decrease your blood pressure which, when high, can lead to more serious health conditions. If you’re experiencing cold or flu symptoms, the steam from a warm bath works wonders on a stuffy nose or cough.

No bath is complete with bubble bath and bath salts. These additions are not only great for aromatherapy purposes (which can be hugely beneficial for relaxation) but have some health benefits, too. Adding Epsom salts can reduce inflammation. Oatmeal or essential oils like lavender and coconut can soothe irritated skin.

The Challenge of Relaxing in a Tub

While relaxing in a bath can feel incredibly soothing, a tub can pose some challenges. Some people find the length of their tub isn’t conducive to lying in comfortably. Others find the hardness of a tub to be difficult to relax in. But one of the major challenges people experience is where to rest their heads.

When you have a comfortable place to rest your head, the other difficulties fall to the wayside. It’s much easier to find a relaxing position by adjusting your body within the tub to fit and put your weight. But a tub pillow for the bath is the key to relaxation.

What to Look for in a Tub Pillow

Not all tub pillows are created equally. You want to find the best product that delivers optimal comfort so you can fully enjoy the benefits of your bath. The most important feature to look for is a pillow that stays in place. Look for one that has strong suction cups that can affix to your tub rather than one that wraps around the neck, which can move around uncomfortably.

Of course, you want to find a pillow that’s soft and comfortable. This is all about relaxation, after all. Search for one that is designed to be comfortable around the neck. It should be ergonomically designed to expertly cradle your back, shoulders, neck, and head, to alleviate any pressure and prevent you from resting on the hard surface of the tub.

Since the pillow is going to be used in the tub and getting quite wet, you want a breathable pillow. This prevents water buildup that could lead to molding and allows your pillow a faster drying time. While air drying will typically be okay with a breathable pillow, it’s even better if the one you choose is machine washable. This is another step to help ensure the freshness of your tub pillow so you can enjoy it for many uses.


You deserve to relax comfortably in a warm, luxurious bath no matter what you spend your days doing. Shop for the perfect tub pillow for your bath so you can enjoy the self-care and health benefits that leave you feeling calmer than ever.

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