What is a contested divorce? Should you prefer it?

A contested divorce is a type of divorce where either of the parties contests some aspect of the divorce. As the spouses have to go through many steps, contested divorce typically takes much longer to complete. A divorce can affect virtually any matter that becomes a source of contention between the parties. They might struggle in deciding who gets the house, how the financial issues will be handled, and even child custody issues. If you or your loved one needs legal help, it is just one search away. You can search contested divorce lawyer near me on your search engine and find various options. 

Opt for an experienced contested divorce lawyer as he has a better understanding, having dealt with these cases for years. Some might prefer going for a contested divorce over an uncontested divorce. Let us know why.

For the best interests of Children: A contested divorce is required if the spouses disagree on co-parenting arrangements. The judge can make a fair judgment that serves the child’s best interests. The process involves keeping in mind the child’s emotional and physical needs, if each parent can provide them to the children, and the wish of the child/children, or if any previous acts by any of the parents might trouble them in future.

The concealment of Assets: In marriages, it is common that a spouse may hide certain things from the other spouse, primarily finances. When the spouse hides assets from the court, it becomes difficult for the judge to decide how to divide the assets among the spouses. Moreover, such assets may also influence the decisions about spousal maintenance, if any, and child support. Since the divorce will be contested, each spouse will have access to tools to identify all assets in question, thereby making the situation fair for everyone.

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Spousal Maintenance: Spousal maintenance is necessary after divorce, but many can disagree. In case of a contested divorce, it should be proved to the court that the party seeking financial help had to leave many opportunities for the marriage. A judge approves the financial request on many valid reasons for the spouse not to be able to work.

Abuse in the Marriage: Sadly, divorces on the grounds of physical/psychological abuse are increasing daily. While divorcing the toxic person can be a relief, the abusive person is likely to not cooperate with the divorce proceeding and try to interfere. That is where lawyers recommend contested divorce.

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